Wolf Rambo

From the technology and adventure writer of ‘A Dishonest Code’ and ‘Gone One Night’ comes a new adventure and mystery based upon a centuries old foundation, real cyber crimes and true, unsolved murders – ‘A Fraudster’s Shadow’.

'A Fraudster's Shadow' book cover

'A Fraudster's Shadow'

” Wolf Rambo has all the ingredients to write novels just as gripping as his real work in cyber security.  Rambo’s ability to illustrate a crime from the first person perspective and the temptation to use one’s skills for evil is compelling.”
Steve Johnson, finance and security expert, UK bankings, 2020.

Inspired by...

‘A Fraudster’s Shadow’ is the story of a nobody turned millionaire somebody very quickly through the murky world of big business and online security flaws. The story is based upon three currently unsolved murders and the latest security issues that made one man seriously wealthy within a very short period of time.

From Aston Martins to yachts and from Zermatt, Switzerland to London, England to Barcelona, Spain and beyond, the work for a centuries old foundation continues until the spectre of death, intrigue and competition catch up. With a determined officer on one side and a foundation wising to hold onto power its only a matter of time before he’s found and meets his fate..